An internationally-recognised artist who creates large-scale vinyl and paint artwork for everyday spaces and objects.

  • Close up painting of a man's face with a flat cap and orange jumper
  • The words Only Art Can Save Us Now typed onto a painted blue and red striped background
  • Digital painting of snow covered field with orange and blue sky
  • Close up image of a brightly coloured painting showing lines and train tracks
Abstracr artwork on a woman's body in green on a yellow and red background with the words big legs above her
Abstract painting with blue shades on the right, red and black strokes to the left with white brush strokes over the top

Develop your creativity through painting, drawing 
& experimentation. Alisha runs courses via her Art Class Facebook Page.

Abstract painting in pink and oranges with paint splotches and curved lines
Visual Art

Figurative paintings, drawing and hand cut vinyl images that explore intimate and personal themes.

Lorries parked in a field with people looking at them
Transit Art

Taking work directly to the public with enormous digital vinyl drawings that blur boundaries between spaces and art.

Abstract colourful painting of train tacks
Public Art

Permanent commissioned works in vinyl, steel and paint created for spaces where people live, work and visit.