Visual Art

Figurative paintings, drawing and hand cut vinyl images that explore intimate and personal themes.

Precious Time, 2022/2023

New work – paintings in acrylics and oil on canvas and paper.

For some of us Lockdown gave us time. A time to reflect, appreciate, reassess, build, question, start over, make a new space. Paintings of people now and of times and I’m still dealing with emotionally, personally and professionally continue to inform my work.

Some Suns Never Set, 2022

Matt vinyl, private commission. A focal point to transcend love, landscape, memory and loss using a selective colour palette.

Women Only, 2018

A personal project of pencil and fineline pen drawings – at The Station Gallery, Nuneaton Train Station.

2018 was officially named Year of the Women, 100 years before women won the right to vote, yet only 5% of artwork in galleries during that year were made by women – I wanted to be part of that percentage. Women Only took place during one month, over 40 women volunteered to be drawn and discussed; What is your greatest achievement? When did you become a woman? What defines a woman? Their honest responses were exhibited within the exhibition alongside, wire sculptures made during a workshop for International Women’s Day.

Naked and Women’s Work, 1998/2000

Acrylic paintings, hand cut vinyl and pastel drawings. Warwick University Library Gallery and Southtown Gallery at Gaia, Leamington Spa.

Using female friends and myself as life models. I tried to depict an honesty of the female body. I wrote a list of discussion points to provoke thoughts and conversations, to get to know the models on a deeper level, discuss my intentions for the work and discover how we viewed our own bodies. I created an environment so that the models were not being glamorised in any way or represented for the titillation of others, so they could be natural by feeling comfortable in their surroundings and not trying to “pose” for me in any way.

Abstract Paintings 1998

Solo exhibition at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery. Currently on display at George Eliot Hospital.

I read a book written by art school tutors about painting and abstract art, using these prompts and endless pages in sketchbooks I began to express my whole being through mark making and colour – these large scale canvases along with screen prints of local post industrial landscapes formed part of my first solo exhibition and became the foundation for my artistic practice.